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On a Wednesday evening in February 2022, 8-10 mothers gathered together to share their personal stories and the pain they've experienced due to the loss of a child because of an overdose or drug-related death.  Many tears were shed as we gathered around a large dining room table, and more and more the stories begin to resonate.  From that first meeting, everyone agreed that we have to do something about the substance misuse epidemic that seems to be taking over our community of young people. 


With hope and a vision to make a difference, Moms on a Mission of Wilson NC, Inc. was created from that night on.  Since the initial meeting around the table, the moms (and some dads too) have met every 3rd Wednesday @ 6 pm to strategize, plan, and collaborate with other community resources in the effort to revolutionize awareness, create real change, and be a support to one another. 

What we discovered, as the common thread and major pain point moms and families expressed, was the lack of knowledge or access to resources available to help during a substance misuse crisis. We want to help be a bridge to resources available and operate as a hub that connects you to those resources.

If you're interested in coming to a meeting, just click the join us button below to notify us that you'll be at the next meeting.  We have refreshments available, so an accurate head count is most appreciated!

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